Since the "Proclamation of Miyagi as a Junmai Saké Prefecture" in 1986, the quality of sake produced in Miyagi Prefecture has been improving year by year, and many breweries have won prizes in various competitions. Ichinokura Co., Ltd. is the largest producer of sake in Miyagi Prefecture, shipping high quality sake both domestically and overseas, and has planned an online seminar in English which includes a virtual sake brewery tour and optional tasting experience. With the cooperation of the Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association, the seminar will provide an opportunity to learn more about sake and its importance as a part of Japanese food culture that should be promoted around the world. Foreigners living in Japan and abroad, as well as Japanese people who want to introduce Japanese sake culture to the world, are welcome to attend.
Date & Time
30 October 2021 (Sat), 5:00pm - 6:30pm 【Japan Standard Time】
How to Participate: 
This event will be held online (using ZOOM). The access link and information to join the online event will be sent to participants via email by the evening of 28 October 2021.
Mini Seminar About Japanese Sake
Learn about Japanese sake history and culture, as well as the characteristics of Miyagi Sake.
Welcome to Ichinokura Brewery
Learn about the history and way sake is made, then watch a video about how Ichinokura Brewery produces its sake.
Virtual Brewery Tour
Join the MC and special guest hosts as they walk through the brewery to give a live tour of the facilities. Along the way, you can meet sake brewery staff!
Sake Tasting
Learn more about how to taste sake using representative sake labels from Ichinokura Brewery.
This is your chance to ask questions about sake or Ichinokura Brewery!
 ※Please ask questions in the form when you apply.
 ※During the event you can also ask questions using the chat function, however please understand we may not be able to answer all questions if we don’t have enough time.
MC: Kazu Enomoto (Ichinokura Brewery)
Special Guest: Justin Velgus (SenTIA: Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)
The online seminar and Q&A will be held in English.
Participation Fee
(Costs of using internet/PC etc. to join is the responsibility of the participant.)
Online Sake Tasting Sets Available for Sale in Advance (option)
Sake for the tasting at the seminar will be available for purchase in advance. Participating in the tasting session will deepen your understanding of the sake and the contents of the seminar.
*Sake sets can only be shipped within Japan.
Premium Set 5,000 yen (tax, shipping included)
Junmai Daiginjo 180ml, Tokubetsu Junmai Karakuchi 300ml, Mukansa Honjozo
Cho-karakuchi 300ml, Madena 180ml, Himezen 300ml, one bottle of each (Japan
Sake and Shochu Makers Association’s “How to Enjoy Sake!” guide will also be
Standard Set 3,000 yen (tax, shipping included)
Junmai Daiginjo 180ml, Tokubetsu Junmai Karakuchi 300ml Himezen 300ml, one
bottle of each (Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association’s “How to Enjoy Sa
e!” guide will also be included).
※Sake tasting sets can only be shipped within Japan.
Deadline for Application
➡ 27 October 2021 (Wed), 5:00pm 【Japan Standard Time】
*The deadline to order the Online Sake Tasting Set for the event is 24 October 2021 (Sun), 5:00pm 【Japan Standard Time】.
14 Okeyaki, Sengoku, Matsuyama, Osaki-shi, Miyagi-ken 987-1393
TEL: 0229-55-3322 FAX: 0229-55-4513
In Cooperation With:
SenTIA (Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)

2021年10月30日(土)  5:00 p.m.~6:30 p.m.
 ※ ご質問はお申込時に入力フォームへご記入ください。
 ※ イベント当日もチャットで質問を受け付け、時間の許す限りお答えいたします。
ゲスト:ジャスティン・ベルガス 氏(公益財団法人仙台観光国際協会)
ナビゲーター: 榎本一仁 (一ノ蔵酒類販売株式会社)
無料 (通信費は参加者自己負担となります)
-プレミアムセット(5,000円 消費税、送料込)
  純米大吟醸180ml、特別純米辛口300ml、無鑑査本醸造超辛口300ml、マデナ180ml、ひめぜん300ml、各1本 (日本酒造組合編 &SAKE How to Enjoy Sake! 冊子付)
-スタンダードセット(3,000円 消費税、送料込)
(日本酒造組合編 &SAKE How to Enjoy Sake! 冊子付)
 ※ 事前のお酒販売は日本国内在住の方に限らせていただきます。
2021年10月27日(水) 5:00 p.m.
(セミナー用事前酒販売締切 2021年10月24日(日) 5:00 p.m.)
株式会社 一ノ蔵
987-1393 宮城県大崎市松山千石字大欅14
電話 0229-55-3322  FAX 0229-55-4513
公益財団法人 仙台観光国際協会

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