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Company Introduction:
A Sake Maker
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Ichinokura, a leading sake brewery in Japan, was founded in 1973 with the aspiration of leading the industry into the 21st century and promoting a sophisticated and vibrant sake drinking culture, through brewing high quality sake in Miyagi Prefecture. Four local sake breweries merged into one with a common goal in mind and strived to achieve this while assisting business and agriculture in Matsuyama, Osaki city.
We aim to establish a good relationship between our customers and Ichinokura employees, and develop the relationship between local communities and Ichinokura itself, by promoting a safe and prosperous style of living based on the fermentation technologies that we have acquired over time in harmonizing with people, nature and Japanese tradition.
Ichinokura headquarters and sake factories are located in the woody hill of Matsuyama, Osaki city, Miyagi prefecture, which is 243 miles (392 km) north of Tokyo. Our products have been enjoyed not only in Japan but also exported to more than 20 countries including the U.S.A. and throughout Asia. Ichinokura, maintaining the very spirit of its foundation, is putting tireless efforts into making the very best quality sake, which people will enjoy globally.
Ichinokura is fortunate to the three essential elements required to make the highest quality Japanese sake: water, rice, and expertise.


Pine trees and various deciduous trees grow in the forests surrounding Ichinokura.  These trees help rainfall and heavy snowfall during the long winters turn into groundwater. Along with this, there is another natural source of water by Ohu-Sanmyaku mountain range which runs though the center of the Tohoku Region, flowing into and permeating the ground. They provide high quality water which makes a flowing stream beneath the multiple layers of rock. Actually Matsuyama, Osaki city, Miyagi prefecture has been known for its premium natural water in Japan. We use this water for all brands of Ichinokura sake.


The availability of quality and rich water has enabled people in Matsuyama, Osaki city, Miyagi prefecture to grow rice for about 2,000 years as has been archaeologically evidenced. Miyagi prefecture is famous for tasty and quality rice in Japan and various kind of rice are produced here. These rice are not only our main ingredients but also suitable for making Ichinokura sake.
We use different kinds of rice produced in Miyagi prefecture matched each characters of sake brands and have also established an organization to develop rice varieties specifically suitable to make our sake with local rice farmers. Moreover, we polish our rice to 63% of its original weight before use. The average ratio of rice polishing is 7% more than its average of sake industry standard. High quality sake is made by high polished rice so that this step is crucial process to make sake.


One of the most important factors in sake making is the expertise of its team of kurabito (brewery workers) led by a toji who is the head master of kurabito experienced in sake brewery technology. Ichinokura has been fortunate to have the toji and kurabito to maintain our traditions and also apply state of the art technologies in their quest for excellence. Our current toji, the 6th toji of Ichinokura, is skilled in sake brewery technology of the Nanbu Toji School. The toji and kurabito have devoted themselves to make Ichinokura sake and are pursuing to make the quality of sake better than the latest one.


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